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Finished Projects and Networks

EADGENE is a Network of Excellence, which coordinates a genomics approach to the unraveling of host-pathogen interactions, thereby providing the basic knowledge necessary for the development of new or improved therapeutics and vaccins, improved diagnostics, new prevention strategies, and the breeding of farm animals for disease resistance. The network concentrates on pathogens of importance in the human food chain.  From 1 September 2004 till 1 March 2010 EADGENE was an EC funded a European Research Group (ERG). As from 1 March 2010 EADGENE continues as a project.







Becoteps is a coordination and support action funded by EC DG Research under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development of the Knowledge based Bio-Economy Network (KBBE net)




Patent Directive Workshop
On 29 May 1998, core specialists in patenting and animal breeding have discussed the EU directive for biotechnological inventions.
Farm Animal Breeding and Society (ELSA)
ELSA aimed at making farm animal breeding and reproduction developments more transparent for both industry and society. This project was set up to explore the legal, ethical and consumer issues raised by the modern animal breeding sector following growing public interest in genetically modified crops and cloning.
Sustainable Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction EU project SEFABAR was an EUfunded thematic research network combining the expertise of over 40 scientists and business representatives in animal breeding and reproduction and placed experts on socio-economics. They have defined sustainable animal breeding and developed sustainable breeding scenarios
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Food-CT-2004-506 506
Development of a Code of Good Practice for Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction Organisations based on the principles of susainable breeding.
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