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Code-EFABAR 2014/2016 successfully launched in Brussels
Code-EFABAR, the voluntary code of good practice for farm animal breeding and reproduction is re-launched in Brussels this week. With the new Code-EFABAR, animal breeders show their commitment to responsible breeding and go beyond existing legislation. Mr. Denis Simonin, European Commission / DG Sanco, praised this breeders’ initiative to work together to improve practice. The Danish Pig Research Centre received the first certificate of the new Code-EFABAR.

Breeding contributes to a sustainable animal production
Connecting data on animal health and welfare from the various links of the animal production chain should be combined in order to optimise the production chain and improve health and welfare of animals. Breeding organisations play an important role in improving this chain.
This is the main conclusion of recent study of Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre/Wageningen UR Livestock Research about the impact of breeding on welfare of broilers. The research was conducted for the European Commission (DG SANCO).
Breeding stands at the beginning of the animal production chain. Breeders are responsible for providing healthy and good quality livestock to the farmer. By improving the exchange of data along the animal production chain, breeding organisations can use this data in their breeding programmes to provide animals with improved health and welfare, and for providing data to accompany the animal or product along the production chain.  
Increasing transparency of animal production chains and getting a handle on improving animal health and welfare of farm animals is of utmost importance. Routinely collected data on animal health and welfare from the various links of the animal production chain should be combined in order to optimize the production chain and allow benchmarking.


EFFAB Annual Meeting and FABRE-TP Innovation Day | April 8 & 9 | Brussels


This year’s EFFAB Annual Meeting will take place on April 8 & 9 in Brussels, followed by the FABRE-TP Innovation Day on April 9 in the afternoon.

General Programme

Tuesday April 8

10:30                   Registration open & coffee

11:00 – 17:00     EFFAB Annual Meeting

17:00 – 18:00     Launch of the new Code-EFABAR

19:00 – late        EFFAB dinner


Wednesday April 9

09:00 – 12:00     Tour in the European Parliament, and discussion with MEPs

12:00 – 18:00     FABRE-TP Innovation Day


For more information and registrations, please contact the EFFAB Secretariat at


Participate in survey on bottlenecks in R&D


Currently there is a survey from FABRE-TP on bottlenecks in (farm) animal breeding and reproduction research, development and innovation. Thank you in advance! 

Upcoming Events

 November 2014

EuroTier: The world's leading trade fair for animal production

11-14 November, Hanover, Germany. Read more

 October 2013

IDF World Dairy Summit
October, Yokohama, Japan. Read more


11th World Conference on Animal Production
15-20 October, Beijing, China. Read more

Annual meeting

The annual meeting of 2013 will take place in Dummerstorf, Germany.
Please click here for more information.