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RuminOmics workshop Budapest


RuminOmics Regional Workshop - Budapest "Ruminant livestock production: Improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact" - Deadline to register: September 16! 

September 28-29, Budapest, Hungary. 

In this 2-day workshop you will learn and discuss how the RuminOmics project outputs can be used to inform animal breeding, feeding and management to lower the environmental footprint of ruminant livestock production and improve feed conversion efficiency and product quality.

You can view the programme and speakers from the project 
website. Lunch and Dinner is offered by the project to registered participants only.

Scholarships are also available for a limited number of young scientists.

Relaunch FABRE TP at EAAP 2015 in Warsaw


FABRE TP reception during EAAP 2015

September 2nd, Warsaw, Poland. 

FABRE TP will be (re)launched during a Lunch Reception at the 66th Annual Meeting of EAAP 2015 in Warsaw. The FABRE TP Lunch Reception will gather animal breeding and reproduction experts in industry and knowledge institutes from all over Europe and it will show how vibrant FABRE TP is today.

Attendance is by invitation only but if you are interested in joining the reception, please contact

For more info go to the FABRE TP website