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How to obtain CODE-EFABAR

This is the procedure for adoption or certification of Code-EFABAR:

  1. The Breeding Organisation indicates to EFFAB they are interested to adopt or certify Code-EFABAR
  2. EFFAB sends a letter to the Breeding Organisation with a check list
  3. The Breeding Organisation
    • Undertakes the steps indicated in the letter of confirmation
    • Signs the letter and sends it back to EFFAB, confirming:
      • They have settled their internal roadmap
      • All staff is informed
      • The list of commitments is ticked off
      • Roadmap for improvements established
      • They will comply with the procedure for complaints
      • They have included information about how The Code is part of their policy (in case of adoption)
      • The audit report, with clear indications that Code-EFABAR is included in the audited breeding programme (in case of certification)
      • They will take responsibility themselves for the organisations belonging to their umbrella (in case of umbrella organisation)
  4. EFFAB
    • Confirms adoption/certification of the Code
    • Sends certificate (to be signed by EFFAB and company/organisation)
    • Adds the name of the breeding organisation to list at the EFFAB website
    • The company is allowed to use Code-EFABAR logo e.g. on website, letter paper
    • Sends promotion material (as long as available)

Click here to obtain the information you need to adopt or certify CODE-EFABAR.