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Vision, Mission and Strategy

EFFAB plays a critical role in ensuring that Europe provides the perfect environment for animal breeding and reproduction companies that are leading suppliers to European and worldwide markets. EFFAB leads research for all relevant disciplines in public and private institutions, enabling legislation and connectedness to society play a key role in supporting innovations in animal production.

EFFAB supports its members by:

  • Stimulating the European research related to relevant technology disciplines,
  • Promoting the interest of members to national and supra-national EU and other bodies and stakeholders in order to ensure that policies and legislation are fostering innovation in animal production, and
  • Facilitating individual members to gain the best support from European research and technology related policies.


  • Ensure that European national and supra-national legislation stimulates and supports innovation in the animal breeding and reproduction industry,
  • Show transparency to society, e.g. via Code of Good Practice,
  • Represent member interests to international bodies, associations and in platforms to stimulate funding and implementation of best possible research in Europe on all disciplines relevant to animal breeding and reproduction,
  • Foster close relationships between the relevant European research world and EFFAB members,
  • Inform members of EFFAB on developments and issues relevant to the realm of EFFAB,
  • Support members of EFFAB in making maximum use of the European research base and the stakeholder network developed by EFFAB activities.